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to bless the united states of america. thank you. >> a somber u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton, talking about thettack that killed four americans in benghazi, libya, including u.s. ambassador, chris stevens with a moving tribute to him and the others. she said this is an attack that should attack the conscience of people of all faiths around the world. we should tell you and we can take a live look at the white house right now. we are also waiting for a statement from president obama about the death of ambassador chris stevens in addition we are also going to be hearing from mitt romney a little later. let's go to our white house correspondent, chuck todd. >> i think we will hear similar words. but it's important that you did hear from secretary clinton first, and let me tell you why. thesediplomats. there are friends and donors in the safe countries in the safe allies, and then people like chris stevens who work under any administration, democrat or republican, and this was almost an attempt bisect clinton as a morale boost to the other career diplomats that are working in cou
this is more about the two men running, inou ecthe context,s cl th republicans in congress are unpopular but actually so are the democrats. here is my point. just as one video seemed to have been the game changer in this election, the 47%er, we still have three debes coming , whift ey d a turn around, he has a chance, starting tuesday -- starting october 3rd in denver, wednesday -- where he has, i think, some of the few chances left to try and figure out a way to turn this around. to elain if tre is a ann wh he really want wants to do that will be more inclusive than that video sent. he has a few chances left if trend is against him but i'm not ready to call it yet. >> i have to say, it does see over the last 24, 48 hours they do some very specific thing. 'sn g ton of o interviews. after all, the criticism early on that he was never there to be interviewed. let me play a little clip from yesterday. >> throughout this campailmpaig well. don't forget, i got everybo i 100% of the kids in my state have health insurance. i don't think there's anything that shows more empathy and care about th
, andrea mitchell, jamie rubin and "time" od s all of you. an dra dree arlet me have you s the stage. >> the president will give a tough speech, he'll say containment is not an option regarding ir. buthe ar wor wil codicted by the fact that he's leaving so quickly and by the criticism that he's not meeting with foreign leaders. i think they could have made the argument that he's not going to be here when netanyahu arrives for thursday's speech, but to say that he's not going to meet with president morsi who has been giving very intti interviews and is really at an infliction point, leaving that to the secretary of state, this is the first time and in election years past presidents in both political parties have met one-on-one with foreign leads. tu'r ay rt >> let's talk about the calculation. obviously the campaign made the decision they didn't want the possibility of any bad news coming out of any of these meetings meetings >> they feltan made it clear where he stood and netanyahu because triesing to get involved in american politics. obviously meeting with the egyptian president of
's president apologizing for an attack on the u.s. embas embassy. hundreds of protesters stormed the compound, outraged over the video disparaging the prophet muhammad. and the image more disturbing given the death of the american am basses door and three others after protesters stormed the embassy in benghazi. not clear exactly how the ambassador died, although officials believe it is likely his killers were an organized group who planned the attack. protesters are out again in egy egypt. the president chose his words carefully. >> would you consider the current egyptian regime an ally of the united states? >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy. they are a new government that is trying to find its way. they were democratically elected. i think that we will have to see how they respond to this incident, how they respond to, for example, maintaining the peace treaty with israel. >> i want to bring in nick kristof and look at the cover this week. the agents of outrage. we'll talk about that, as well. couldn't be happier to have the two of you
turned people off. he hasn't done what he said he did, which was work an outside-in game. the question,s can he do that during the election? bring people from behind in the election like he never did for his legislative agenda. >> bringing in john sununu, a mitt romney supporter. good morning, governor. good to see you. >> good morning. how are you? >> well. too much being made of the president's comments? are they pretty straight forward? >> actually, i think not enough. let me tell you what the proceedprocee president's problem is. looking to see if you lead from the inside or outside forgetting you lead from the top. what he has failed to do, show leadership. all you have to doll look at bob woodward's book to swlee a massive failure he has been in trying to get people to come together. bipartisanship comes from the president in washington. and leadership is what a president has to do. i work for a president that understood that. we had to get a bipartisan package on things like clean air. on things like the budget, and it happened because the president led. and the president made it
the protesters who are trying to storm the u.s. and london embassies. and there were peacefuls in cairo, but it remained peaceful after friday prayers and the muslim brotherhood asked members not to participate. >> and also, this is much more unrest in libya after the killing of the u.s. ambassador. >> no act of terror will go unpunished, and no act of violence shakes the resolve of the united states of america. >> next week mitt romney and paul ryan will begin to get intelligence briefings, and in a series of interviews their advis advisers laid out what a romney presidency would look like including saying that protests in the middle east would not have happened under mitt romney. let me bring in ann cornblum, senior editor from the washington post, and thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> he would tell egypt if they want aid they would have to protect american interests and provide more aid to the syrian opposition, and stopped short of arming them directly like the president. what's the campaign strategy here, ann? >> well, they are trying to move away from the conver
and s he wasna takax ofhat as much as he could. but he definitely can do so in the future. >> i want to bring in tom ridge. he's, of course, the former governor of pennsylvania. good to have you here. >> thank you for having me . >>nn cry also talked to thim let me play that. >> what was your evidence that it was a preplanned attack of terrorism? te, was choosing the has all the significance. if we take the facts about the way it was executed, you can see there's enough proof that it was a preplanned act of terrorism that help us to understand the portce o thr"a of terrorism," and why do you think the president won't say that, even though some members of his team, including his spokesman has? >> well, you ask me a great question t go into president obama's mi to expint dsn't do something a that's above my pay grade. >> does it send a message? >> early on in the admin strarks he was afraid to the word "tri theran events. we had the attorney general talking about treating them as criminals. there's been an effort from the administration to try to stay away from that term and
their families are here in the u.s. does he consider them part of the half of america that he doesn't care about? my father worked all his life with his hands. he was a laborer all his life picking crops, building roads in construction. my father makes a fraction of what i make today. i make a fraction of what mitt romney made. my father never asked for a dime. does mitt romney want my father to believe that while he never asked for a single dime from the government that he's not worth anything and he shouldn't -- mitt romney shouldn't have to worry about or pay attention to my father? i think mitt romney misspoke or he's telling us who he really is. >> well, let me ask you what you think the political upshot will be. and you know, we talked earlier about the fact that there was a similar moment in 2008 for barack obama in pennsylvania when he talked about people clinging to their guns and religion. obviously, it didn't hurt him. he won pennsylvania, he won the presidency. is this the kind of thing that you think can move the needle in what is still a very close presidential election? >> we're a
his u.s. ambassador all about a video. is he still clueless as he is on foreign policy that he doesn't even understand that we have anti-american protests in the muslim world? they're angry. we now have an egyptian president giving us orders as to how we are to act. this is an america that is no longer has the respect of the world. and that's what barack obama promised us. he said he's going to turn it around. he's failed and he's calling the death of americans a bump in the road. i would say it's outrageous, and it's time for the national media to start talking about that. >> bay buchanan, always good to have you on the program. thank you very much. >> thanks, chris. >> back to our original point, alex, which is that we are going to be hearing -- and especially with the president tomorrow at the united nations, we have a clinton global initiative, so a lot of foreign affairs will be discussed there as well. is this something, though, that's going to resonate? how important might this be with voters? >> oh, chris, i think it's an extremely important threshold that any presidential ca
him trouble. not a tape when he was in his mid 30s. >> not, susan, completely different from anything we've heard him say before when you look at it in context. >> actually, when you look at both these comments in their full context, it is an argument we're having in this campaign, it's just like with slightly less candid or slightly different language. this is a debate about what we want the government to do. these two candidates do have different visions. i do think the romney campaign is trying very hard to both change the subject and also to play a little offense rather than just playing defense on the issue of what these candidates have said in these tapes. one from may, one from 1998, that are just now coming to light. >> susan page, dana milbank, great to see both of you. thank you. >>> new census data being released showing good signs for the economy. more people are moving into new homes, up 25% from last year. more young adults, parents rejoice, are leaving their parent's homes. that's up just .5%. births are only down 1%. that's the smallest drop since 2008. analysts say th
since the 1990s. and as we move forward, especially as we become more energy independent, i think you're going to see more manufacturing jobs created in our country as this recovery continues to move forward. so, look, the most important job we create is the next job. the president understands that. that's why every decision he makes is based on what is best to move our economy forward. and that's what this election is about. look, nobody out there believes for a second that we've recovered from all of the damage done by the bush recession. but we are moving forward, 30 months in a row of private-sector job growth is solid progress. could it be fast center sure could. if paul ryan and the house obstructionist would stop voting against every jobs measure that the president sends to capitol hill. >> governor o'malley i know it's been a busy week for you and you were kind enough to stake round and talk to us about the job numbers. you just saw pictures of the president and first lady getting on air force one. barack obama knew what the jobs numbers were last night when he walked on to th
not a partisan political issue. >> mark s that believable? here 50 days from the election. what is he doing here? >> that's not inconsistent for netanyahu. that's the sort of language we've seen from him for a long time and the sort of very forceful, aggressive behavior tactics and strategy. i do think that given the events of the last week or so that people are a little rattled. so they are looking for leadership. they're looking for somebody to kind of calm the waters, to provide a policy of vision to gives them some sense of balance as we're going through these events in the middle east. so it is an opportunity for mitt romney, i think. >> well, is it an opportunity for mitt romney? and i think that to mark's point, when you get to a point like this, whether it's with the economy, nick, or you get to a situation where we have these multiple events going on overseas, there's this sense of unrest that voters can tend to feel. i wonder if it doesn't just affect the undecided voters but also those who thought they were decided but might be willing to switch teams. >> i think there is definitely a
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think about what carolyn kennedied told the "new york times"s. they may not be as exi will rated as they were the last time, but i think they are just as committed. >> yes, i think that's well said. >> to be committed, does that mean that you're going to knock on doors, does that mean you'll go to phone banks, does that mean you'll talk to your neighbors some do you need to have that sense of exhilaration i guess is what i'm really asking. >> everybody knows that you'll see less of that this year than before partly because last time he was a young outsider coming in. this time he's a president, he's been forthere for a while. >> but do you sense a level disappointment? >> of course. listens, people are hurting. you got people sitting on a white hot stove economically. and they want to holler to the pea tarty, with occupy wall street. the pain is there. but when you get down to it, who do you you believe is actually going to do something to resolve the pain and who is trying to make the pain worse so they can can gain politically? i think what you'll see as people begin to look at
the glory days of the 1990s but still served to refute that message that the republicans had invited. >> most of the people in the tv audience tuned in to see bill clinton if they tuned in, but there was a whole lot of speeches leading up to it that were hardly centrist. they went after mitt romney, they went after the republican party. is this a party divided too? it's what they say about the republicans, but is this a party that's in many ways split? >> i don't think you see exactly the same kinds of divisions. it was certainly -- sort of a tepid night leading up to bill clinton's speech. there wasn't a lot of excitement on the floor. you didn't have a lot of other speeches that really riled people up and you did as you mention have that division over the platform which was a very unattractive spectacle for the democrats. you see different divisions. in general democrats appear to be more united around obama. the enthusiasm is much more specifically about the candidate. the republicans are very enthusiastic and if you look at the polls the republicans are much more excitement about
over the u.s.-made anti-islam film a french magazine is now publishing cartoons of the prophet muhammad and riot police are guarding the offices of the french weekly as well as stepping up security at french embassies around the world as a result. the magazine is out today. joining me now is congressman c.a. dutch rugtersberger a democrat from maryland. good to see you. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> you are ranking member of the house intelligence committee. a lot we'd like to get to. first of all let's start with this magazine. we're seeing this theme here. knowing the volatility of the situation and given the violence over the anti-islam movie is the magazine irresponsible for publishing this sattire or are they sending an important message that extremists will not curb freedom of speech? i think it's irresponsible right now to -- all it is doing is antagonizing a very serious and volatile situation. france, like the united states is a democracy and we ber hind the issues of free speech and the press but when you have a tense situation where you've lost four american lives
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williams jumping for joy after winning the u.s. open last night, despite trailing, she came back to beat the world's number one ranked player. serena said she couldn't believe she won, and she was even preparing her runner-up speech while she was playing. >>> toys 'r' us is entering the tablet war. mandy is here with "what's moving your money." i've seen kids with the ipad. so it was inevitable, right? >> it really was. there's the tabio, retalg for $149.99 and will only be available at toys 'r' us so. you can't basically try it out in a store and then purchase it for less on a website like that is basically known as showrooms. they're trying to get rid of the showrooming phenomenon. but while private label products generally have higher margins, toys 'r' us is facing a number of risks here because it's doing its first move into house brand electronics and there is quite a bit of competition in this field out there. >> just days after unveiling its new kindl fire, amazon is offering an advertising-free version, but it's going to cost you. >> it is going to cost you. they said
auto industry was on the verge of collapse. today the u.s. auto manufacturers are doing well, creating manufacturing jobs for our future. we're in better shape today but we need to continue in the direction that will create the jobs we need for the future. we don't want to go back to the failed policies that brought us this misery. >> what do you want to hear tomorrow night? there has been criticism of mitt romney that his speech had a lot of great rhetoric earn short on specifics. does the president need to tell the american people more specifically than they've heard in a long time, about how he plans to move the country forward? >> i think you're going to find two different visions for america. i think president obama will talk about his record, what he's been able to do under an extremely difficult environment, how he's been able to change the direction of this country. and that we're moving in the right direction. i think he will comment about mitt romney and paul ryan and their budgets an what it will do for our children as far as cost of college education, what it will do for am
is intolerable. i think both parties have a pretty good co-heirens about the u.s. power in that world and that's going to make things pretty dynamic for a long time. >> is it unclear? >> i think it's an important thing and i think it has been been too little of a debate. this is primarily a dough necessary tick policy of the elect. the majority is not thinking of these. they're primarily voting on domestic issues. you now have a country that's exhausted with two wars. he's made such a hash when it comes to his tour and going over to europe and the first 24 hours of the libyan debate was so mismanaged. the president has a record. what has been done to al qaeda, getting to the end. i think his standing is good even if his numbers slip out of this concern. >> we're just about out of time. i want to get back to the governor and ask you what do you want to accomplish today? you and the bipartisan politicians and protesters. >> i want to say thank you to the secretary of state. all of us republicans, elected officials, democrats, military officials, we felt it should never have been on the list to b
when a u.s. embassy vehicle was rammed by a car filled with explosives. it happened in peshawar. >>> sheriff's deputies are escorts residents and big owners back to plaquemines parish, but for just a short time. >>> in new orleans, 129,000 people still have no power. >>> a rude awake innocence in the los angeles area thork, a magnitude 3.3 earthquake. there are no reports of damage or injuries. >>> back to charlotte now, where the democrats have some big-name performers coming to the convention this week. among them the foo fighters, mare,j. blige,ered, wind & fire, and as we just reported marc anthony will be singing the national anthem. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark card! [ high-pitched ] nice doin' business with you! [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited r
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)